Biko Technologies

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

We have an off-shore software development center and a business continuity and support office in the US. We support almost all mainstream technologies and have divided them into the following segments:

1. Onsite-Analysis/Support Management

This group is mostly present on the client site on a rotating and as-needed basis. This group is responsible for understanding the system, identifying the needs, documenting the requests and processes, and coordination with the two off-shore groups (Development & Quality Assurance).

2. Offshore Development Team

This group takes on the requirements (business or documented) and creates a process/request queue for all the requests. These requests are then routed to the dedicated resources/developers (resources are allocated & dedicated to the client to better understand and serve the client). These individuals then work towards the solution development. Each client team is lead by a team leader, whose main job is to provide the technical input, understand and translate the business requirements into the technical details, and monitor and/or help increase the performance and quality of work - which includes the unit testing, etc.

3. Quality Assurance Team

This group is responsible for assuring the quality of each deliverable. Their job is to question everything and verify the provided solution in the testing stage and before any solution is rolled out to production. This group insures information quality and delivers accurate data.

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